Brown & Happy , Fine Chocolate Assortments, one of the pioneer brands in gourmet in Ahmedabad , was formed with the idea to give quality Belgian chocolate products at good rates just like in foreign countries. Started on 19th Sep , 2010 , till date it continues with same legacy to give only quality products which can or should be enjoyed by 1 year old , we are famous for school children , to young and old , corporates,  to suit well in budget of all . 


Belgian chocolates were first launched formally in Ahmedabad by Brown & Happy and today the Truffles and chocolate range have shelf life of 8 months , usually given only by supermarket products . 


Belgian Cakes , the Designer Cake range with theme cakes of Wedding, Birthdays, Baby Showers , First Birthdays , gracing all occasions as well are very popular from Brown & Happy . The price range is lowest in Ahmedabad for designer cakes - not to forget the punchline - Quality more ,Pay Less. 


The founder Minal Modi having degree in management and finance , entrepreneur coming from business background aspires to give quality gifting products only at budget rates . Ethics lie at core of all operations with staff alike . Trying our best and with loyal customer range , Brown & Happy is trying to make its customers celebrate in whole new ways!!